Marina Puerto Velero en el Mapa

New restaurant menu the Kiosk.

New dishes are incorporated exquisite Mediterranean menu that is enjoyed for nearly a year in the renowned restaurant The Kiosk Italian chef Franco Basile.See you there!

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Two new awards to Marina Puerto Velero

The month of April was a month of recognition for Marina Puerto Velero. One of them gave the Civic Association of Bogota Barranquillera Aciba-and the other the honorary consul of Spain in...

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We are shipping agency

Little by little we are consolidating our position as the most complete and comprehensive marine Colombian Caribbean. The crew boats can foreign flag through us to make arrangements before the...

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Marina Puerto velero

Puerto Velero Beach
Tubará - Atlántico
Sea Road Barranquilla - Cartagena, Km 30


Calle 84 n.º 53-21 Of. 201
Tels: +57 (5)357 1522 - +57(5) 357 7230


Carrera 13 n.º 94 A-26, local 4
Tel: +57 312 452 2098