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The following is a summary of the main projects carried out so far:



During 2012 and 2013 a project called Jwaeirruki (which in Mokaná language means "Among your people") was carried out to honor the communities of Tubará, Atlántico. The name of the project originally was “Who we are” but the same settlers suggested to denominate it of another way assuring the idea to receive in its territory sailors and tourists coming from diverse latitudes of the planet showing their natural and cultural values.

What did we propose to Jwaeirruki?
Contribute to the strengthening of the identity and sense of belonging of the inhabitants living in the surrounding territory of Puerto Velero, and at the same time foster experiences of encounter with the other in which difference adds, enriches and consolidates a plural culture that is in permanent transformation.

What was Jwaeirruki about?
Fundamentally in the undertaking, by several inhabitants of areas bordering the bay of Puerto Velero, and with the accompaniment of the Educational Institution Playa Mendoza, of expeditions to bring to light the cultural knowledge that owns all its inhabitants, and that have been built over years of history and coexistence. But the expeditions were not done in any way, not in them girls, boys, youth, teachers, parents, community leaders, men, women and older people chose a cultural universe to explore (cooking, myths, handling of plants, fauna, etc.) whose actions urged them to listen, to value the knowledge of the other, to recognize each one as a bearer of knowledge, to capture in various ways what they were exposing through stories, recipes, descriptions , poems, stories, drawings, photographs or any other means of expression.

What were the results of Jwaeirruki?
On the one hand, the experience of all those who participated in the project, intense moments of encounter with the other, validation of their being, enlargement of the gaze, widening of knowledge and affection in a joint work between the school and the community.

On the other hand, Marinas de Colombia S. A. S. published the book “Ztupará, Riqueza Mokana" that shows the world who are the inhabitants of the tourist area of ​​Tubará, what are their knowledge, their views of what surrounds them, their ways of living. A book that is already sailing through the seas, which is going from hand to hand. A bridge book that helps us realize how different and how similar we humans are.

The carnival of Barranquilla, the look of its artists


Inspired by the book “Ztupará, Riqueza Mokana”", and in the process that made it possible, since 2014 a similar project was launched with a group of fifty artists from the Barranquilla Carnival, thanks to the support of Carnaval SA and with the economic support of the company Argus. As well as the inhabitants of the coastal area of ​​Tubará, these artists followed a process that allowed them to deepen their identity, to name with their own voice what the carnival means for them and to give an account of this heritage of mankind from the inside.

In fact, over two years, directors of the best groups of dances,, litanies, collective costumes and comedies, as well as musicians, artisans and researchers of the carnival dedicated themselves to doing something that in very few occasions they do: share their knowledge, experiences, stories, and together discuss what they wanted to show of the intimate world of the carnival.

With the overall coordination of Carnaval SA headed by Daniela Cepeda Tarud, queen of the tradition and a team of outstanding professionals and with an important trajectory in this class of projects, the most complete book on the Barranquilla Carnival is today.

We can extol and thank the impeccable and committed work done, firstly, by Mariana Schmidt Quintero and, secondly, by Martha Ayerbe Posada. Mariana, a woman dedicated throughout her life to, as she says it herself, to be a weaver at the service of the voices of others, to serve as an instrument for her to pass through her body, her heart and her thoughts, the desires, the pride or the hardships of others and that in that passage, in that thread of words and images, achieve with delicacy, wisdom and balance edit unforgettable books. Also, it is necessary to emphasize the professionalism and the quality with which Marta diagram and designs each page taking care of the big and the small details, being faithful to what the author of a text wants to transmit and making of each book a work of art.

The book achieved is a faithful testimony to the richness of this feast that we are proud of and calls each year, between the months of February and March, to our own and strangers. We invite you to consult it in our page and to learn of the human wealth that sustains it and makes it possible.

A marina committed to the development of the sector

Since its arrival in this region, Marina Puerto Velero has opened spaces for dialogue and joint action with the nearby community. Thus, it is part of the Association of Tourist Servers and Beautification of Puerto Velero - Asotuvertel - organization with which it shares concerns and proposals around a common purpose: to ensure the harmonious development of the sector while achieving the improvement of social, social, economic and cultural conditions.

Thus, we want to contribute so that Puerto Velero is a model beach in every way, in its organization, in the formalization of all business, in the care of the beaches and the sea, where people can come to spend a day of rest with all the conditions for the relaxation and amusement around the practice of nautical sports. Our dream is that Puerto Velero becomes the place par excellence on the Caribbean coast and the whole country for the practice of these sports.

In 2018 Barranquilla will host the Central American and Caribbean Games and national and international directors of this event considered Puerto Velero as the venue for sailing, rowing and triathlon competitions. Undoubtedly this is a challenge for Asotuvertel that by then will be strengthened and will know how to receive nationals and foreigners on their beaches. We are already working on that.

A marina committed to the environment

The care of the environment is at the base of all our actions. Marina Puerto Velero has been conceptualized, designed and built looking for a maximum integration with the environment, in respect and harmony with the nature of the area, emphasizing the protection of the flora and fauna of the region.

In harmony with nature
The choice of environmentally friendly construction alternatives, such as laying the bases of the huts on land on shoes and not directly on the sand, or opt for internal pedestrian paths made with natural materials such as mangrove and stone whose origin is duly certified, speak of the care that Marina Puerto Velero has had with nature.

Yes, this is a marina that has also developed landscaping and built a live fence with species of the region, and has privileged the construction of a wastewater treatment plant before an oxidation pond, all because it is aware of its responsibility in the protection of natural resources of the region.

The architectural concept of Marina Puerto Velero also facilitates a day-to-day enjoyment of nature, when floating docks dance to the same rhythm as the waves, or when the light colors of the cabins in water moderate the intensity of light produced by the sun and amplified by the water conserving clean the visual horizon of which neighbors and visitors have enjoyed in this zone.

Respect for norms
To make this dream come true, Marina Puerto Velero built a basic infrastructure that, following the guidelines of the competent authorities, has implemented a set of actions reflected in an environmental management plan aimed at reducing the impacts generated by construction and restoring the conditions originals of the soil, the sea, flora and fauna that may eventually be affected.

Upon compliance with these actions, Marina Puerto Velero provides periodic reports to the authorities, especially to the Autonomous Regional Corporation of Atlántico and the Maritime General Directorate (DIMAR). Moreover, as an added value, it has a system for recording and observing environmental parameters based on which it can be affirmed that to date no irreversible negative impact has been detected on the environment that has given it shelter.

Generation of good practices
Marina Puerto Velero is committed to the care of the environment. Consistent with this commitment, the solid waste is separated in the source and arranged by each user, in cups (green or blue as appropriate) located in the areas of water and land cabins, restaurant, service kiosk, dock and common areas. This waste is collected daily by maintenance personnel and moved to a temporary storage area. They are regularly collected by Triple A Tubará.

Within the marina, ecological practices that give sustainability and care to the environment gradually come to life. Workers and users welcome simple systems of recycling and separation of waste, which become a good daily habit.

In addition, as a first step towards raising awareness about the importance of environmental conservation, Marina Puerto Velero has called for the users' willingness, through the coexistence and maintenance manuals of the cabins, to adopt the system of recycling and to accept the basic recommendations for the careful use of natural resources like water.

The education and training programs, the adoption of codes of conduct, and manuals that Marina Puerto Velero will continue to construct are instruments of a strategy that aims to avoid negative impacts on the environment and produce the greatest flow of benefits to the local economy.

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